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tir.. 1 okt.. kl. 09:00 til fre.. 4 okt.. kl. 17:00
Pris: 69.995,00 (eksl. moms)
Sted: Havarthivej 6, 2840 Holte
6 days from August 5 - 10th, 2024 (1)

Do you want Personal Leadership Program - PLP™ I


Take part in our ambitious education Personal Leadership Program – PLP™, if you want to strengthen your and your employees’ competencies.


Do you want

  • Greater growth by attracting and developing the right customers.
  • Greater customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • To transform your customers to become your Positive Activists.
  • To attract and retain the right employees using sustainable performance strategies.
  • Greater employee satisfaction.
  • A deeper and better understanding of your customers’ desires and needs.
  • To build motivation and create energy in your organization.


What you’ll learn in this program?

In the program, you will be introduced to a number of leadership, communication, sales, and coaching tools that will help you improve your performance as a sales coach for your salespeople. You will develop the skills you need to draw out the strengths of your sales team and drive revenue. You will learn how to bring out the best in your salespeople, and you will get concrete ideas and coaching tools for how you can help your team and sales force to create the specific daily behavior that produces the results you want and need.


The PLP™ program is designed for

  • CXOs drive top-line growth and profitability.
  • General managers oversee marketing and sales.
  • Enterprise and national leaders drive sales and growth.
  • VPs of Sales and Directors manage specific regions, countries, or products.
  • Sales professionals focused on developing sales excellence.
  • Sales managers aim to achieve goals through effective leadership and concrete tools, fostering growth, teamwork, and results.
  • Non-sales decision-makers (e.g., in marketing, finance, or product development) seeking insights into effective sales leadership and customer-centric approaches.

A year that develops and strengthens you

Leaders who create good results are those who know how to combine a high level of professionalism and a good business understanding with strong personal and social skills. In other words, the leaders who are successful are those who have the personal and social competencies to translate theoretical skills into results in practice.


Our experience tells us that most leaders are skilled in the professional and business areas, while they often experience challenges in the personal and social areas of competence. Our goal is that you, as a leader, obtain the personal and social skills you need to achieve your goals. This education will provide you with practical training in situations that may arise in this role.


The theory will be gained through live training in groups, where the theory will be linked directly to the practical training. The training will take place in groups of no more than 25 participants, as we make it a high priority that there is time for each individual person.



You get to know your fellow students well during the program, and you get the opportunity to build strong professional networks consisting of leaders from both the public and private sectors. A professional network is an important part of your development as a leader.


Requirements for certification

To be certified and receive certificates from the International Association of Personal Leadership – IAOPL™ and The Society of NLP™, you must have participated in at least five virtual training evenings during the Personal Leadership Program. The responsible facilitator will give you a signature in your workbook.


Personal Leadership – PL™

If you don’t have the desire and time to commit to the entire Personal Leadership Program, it is possible to start by only buying Module 1 (3½ days, Price DKK 19.500 ex. VAT), where the main focus is on your own personal leadership.



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